Intuit Announces its Coalfield Solar Fund First Year Winners, Building a More Sustainable Future for Virginia and West Virginia

Intuit Inc., the global financial technology platform known for its popular products like TurboTax and QuickBooks, has announced the winners of its Coalfield Solar Fund initiative. This program, in partnership with Secure Solar Futures and the NEED project, aims to promote renewable energy access and create new career opportunities for Coalfield communities in Virginia and West Virginia.

The inaugural winners of the Coalfield Solar Fund initiative include Calhoun County Schools, Lee County Schools, Mercer County Schools, and Mountain Empire Community College. These educational institutions have been granted a total of $375,000 to support solar energy projects within their school districts. By incentivizing sustainability initiatives and infrastructure updates, Intuit is not only reducing greenhouse gas emissions but also providing students with valuable educational opportunities.

The Coalfield Solar Fund was launched earlier this year to support underserved school districts and community colleges in regions facing economic challenges. Through this initiative, the winning districts will receive incentive grants to finance solar installations and other sustainability projects, all at no upfront cost. Secure Solar Futures will facilitate this process through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). Additionally, the program is committed to advancing local career pathways in renewable energy by funding paid work-based learning programs and implementing The NEED Project’s Throwing Solar Shade® STEM program for high school students.

Charlie Reed, Global Sustainability Lead at Intuit, expressed excitement about the success of the inaugural year and announced that applications for the second year are now open. Intuit’s mission is to power prosperity for customers and communities, and by supporting eligible educational institutions in designated Coalfield counties, they hope to have a positive impact on the region. The program aligns with Intuit’s Climate Positive program goal of reducing 2 million metric tons of carbon emissions by 2030 outside of its operational footprint.

The Coalfield Solar Fund is not only promoting a more sustainable future but also creating paid student learning opportunities for residents in Coalfield communities. By investing in solar projects, Intuit and Secure Solar Futures are not only creating job opportunities but also providing a pathway for workforce development for the next generation. Through partnerships with community colleges, students can earn college credits and gain real-world experience in electrical engineering, solar installation, and related fields.

With another round of applications opening this month, the Coalfield Solar Fund will continue to create new career pathways for students and expand its impact in the Coalfield region for years to come. Public school districts and community colleges in select Virginia and West Virginia counties are eligible to apply.

Intuit’s commitment to sustainability and its efforts to support renewable energy access and educational opportunities in underserved communities are commendable. By empowering students and promoting clean energy, Intuit is making a positive difference in the lives of individuals and the environment.

For more information about Intuit’s sustainability commitments and the Coalfield Solar Fund, visit their website.

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