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Inside the Numbers | Jets Pass Rush Has Whipped Up a ‘Sacknado’

Since last we tackled the pass rush and spreading around the pocket wealth in Inside the Numbers, the Jets have gone into a sack frenzy. With six more sacks against Mac Jones and the Patriots on Sunday, they now have 17 over their last three games, with 12 of them alone coming against Jones and the Pats. That made the Jets’ rivals take notice.

“It’s a task blocking them, boys,” New England RB Rhamondre Stevenson said after the game. “I saw my linemen working all night trying to block 95 [Quinnen Williams] and 91 [John Franklin-Myers]. They’re awesome, guys, dogs up front. It was a task for sure.”

“It goes back to Coach putting us in good positions, understanding how to rush with each other, play off of one another,” Franklin-Myers said. “The game plan was great. I can’t really say too many bad things about what we’re doing as far as pass rush. We expect to win every one-on-one.”

This Green & White sacknado (apologies to the revered Sharknado movie franchise) could end or slow down at any time, or it could hopefully continue the rest of this season and for seasons to come. But the current glut has created some great Jets sack trivia, some of it, well, trivial but some possibly significant for the future.

A Crowd Has Gathered
Some Jets have had more than one sack in these last three games — Quinnen Williams’ one in each game have lifted him to a new career high of 8.0 sacks with seven games left add more. But it’s stunning to see that 12 different players were involved in the 17 sacks, with no player having more than 1.0 sack in any of the three games.

The Hurt-y Dozen Jets sackers: 3.0—Quinnen Williams; 2.0—Micheal Clemons, JFM, Bryce Huff, Carl Lawson; 1.0—Jermaine Johnson, Jacob Martin (since traded), C.J. Mosley, Nathan Shepherd, Quincy Williams; 0.5—Kwon Alexander, Jamien Sherwood.

We could even say a lucky 13 were involved in those takedowns, since Sheldon Rankins didn’t get a sack for his strip of the Bills’ Josh Allen. That’s because Allen picked up the fumble and headed forward, where he was double-teamed to the turf short of the line of scrimmage by Alexander and Sherwood. NFL scoring rule: No more than 1.0 sack awarded per sack play to no more than two players. But Rankins still gets the FF, which we’ll still call a strip, sans the sack.

Most-Sacked QBs in a Season
Jones being taken down a dozen times in two games must be some kind of record, right? Almost. Even though sacks by defenders only began officially in 1982, sacks of QBs officially go back further, to 1969. And Jones’ 12 sacks are the second-most of one QB in a season in franchise history. The leader is a former Patriot, Drew Bledsoe, who was sacked six and seven times in the 2000 season, led by the rookie tagteam of John Abraham and Shaun Ellis with three each.

In third place: Former Buffalo QB Dennis Shaw, sacked 11 times by the Jets in his rookie season of 1970.

Jets’ Most Drops in 3 Straight Games
The 17 sacks in the two games vs. New England sandwiched around the home game vs. Buffalo are tied for second-most sacks by the Jets in three consecutive games in franchise history. The leader is the 19 sacks from Games 9-11 in the New York Sack Exchange season of 1981.

As for the most sacks in four consecutive games, the Jets are in that franchise hunt as well. Here are the top four four-game totals, with the Jets needing only three sacks vs. Chicago to join this list (and keeping in mind that before 1969, things really get unofficial):

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