Hyundai Reveals Custom Santa Cruz for 2023 Rebelle Rally

Hyundai Motor America is gearing up for the eighth-annual Rebelle Rally with the unveiling of its modified Santa Cruz Sport Adventure Vehicle. The Brute Squad, consisting of automotive journalists Jill Ciminillo and Kristin Shaw, will once again take on the challenging all-women, off-road navigational challenge in this specially equipped Hyundai Santa Cruz.

Dubbed ‘Sandy,’ the custom graphic wrap of the Santa Cruz was meticulously designed by Matt Marble and Kellen Gustine from Hyundai Design North America. Inspired by the rugged beauty of the desert and the adventurous spirit of mountain journeys, the graphic wrap features vibrant colors, logos, and decals popular among outdoor enthusiasts. The design exudes a modern-yet-retro aesthetic reminiscent of 1970s style, with prominent color blocking and a captivating gradient sunset and mountain range. The cleverly designed horizon line dynamically aligns with the Santa Cruz’s movement, creating a seamless connection with the surrounding landscape.

While the Santa Cruz for the Rebelle Rally required minimal modifications compared to the mass-production model, Hyundai Motor America model-line engineer Eric Buxton and experts at the Hyundai America Technical Center made sure it was ready to conquer the challenging terrain. The vehicle is equipped with off-road gear sourced from Hyundai and leading aftermarket companies, including Rally Innovations, Truxxx, Gear Off Road, and Falken Tires. The purpose-built bed rack securely accommodates essential equipment such as MaxTrax recovery boards, a full-size spare tire and wheel, and reliable shovels. This showcases how customers can personalize their own Santa Cruz to suit their unique personalities and requirements.

The Rebelle Rally is not just another motorsport event; it’s a thrilling adventure that combines off-roading with precision navigation. Participants are challenged to embrace the wilderness, test their limits, and navigate using only a compass and paper maps – GPS and Internet-enabled devices are strictly forbidden. The event fosters camaraderie and empowerment among the women who take part, celebrating their achievements in the world of off-road motorsports.

The Brute Squad, consisting of Jill Ciminillo and Kristin Shaw, is excited to tackle the Rebelle Rally for the second year in the Hyundai Santa Cruz. Ciminillo praises the vehicle’s capability and comfort, highlighting its ability to handle various weather conditions and provide a comfortable driving experience. Shaw emphasizes the strong teamwork and connection they have established with the Santa Cruz through training and previous experiences. Both drivers express their gratitude for Hyundai’s support and enthusiasm for their team.

Hyundai Motor America encourages drivers to prioritize safety and consult their owner’s manual before venturing into off-road conditions. The company’s focus on “Progress for Humanity” and smart mobility solutions is evident in its technology-rich lineup of cars, SUVs, and electrified vehicles. With over 830 dealers and more than 724,000 vehicles sold in the U.S. in 2022, Hyundai continues to provide consumers with reliable and innovative transportation options.

As the Brute Squad prepares to embark on their Rebelle Rally adventure, the modified Hyundai Santa Cruz stands as a testament to Hyundai Motor America’s commitment to empowering women in off-road motorsports. With its striking design and purpose-built modifications, the Santa Cruz is ready to conquer the challenging terrain and showcase the capabilities of Hyundai vehicles in extreme conditions.

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