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Good Morning, News: Wheeler’s Homeless Ban, Liz Cheney’s Revolt, and China’s DIY Rain

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Good Morning, Portland! While the dog days of summer may technically behind us (it turns out they ended on August 11?!), we have a week of hot, sleepy weather ahead of us that makes me want to languish on a porch like a dog. Expect highs in the upper 80s today, with temperatures pushing 90 by Wednesday. And now, the news:

– In his office’s latest move to restrict homeless camping, Mayor Ted Wheeler signed an emergency declaration Friday banning homeless people from camping along an extensive network of roads that are designated walking routes to Portland schools. In short, Wheeler has pitted children against unhoused people (all the while forgetting that these categories often overlap). 

– How are Oregon schools preparing for the third school year under COVID-19 threats? OPB spoke with educators across the state to understand. 

– As is tradition, the PDX Adult Soapbox Derby served up some piping hot creativity on Mt. Tabor this weekend. Here’s a look at some of the rides: 

– After losing her reelection campaign last week, former Republican Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney is embarking on a new mission to take down the arm of her party dedicated to spreading election misinformation and dismantling democracy. Cheney hasn’t ruled out the possibility of running for president in 2024, either. 

– Two abortion doulas in the US have begun documenting their clients during the abortion process, in hopes of de-stigmatizing the procedure. Take a look at their photographs—and the moving stories behind them—in this excellent piece.

– Today’s dose of copaganda: 

– The daughter of the influential, ultra-nationalist Russian ideologue Alexander Dugin—who is credited with being the “spiritual guide” to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine—was killed by a car bomb near Moscow. An investigation into Darya Dugina’s death has so far concluded that the murder was pre-planned. 

– The politically conservative city-state Singapore will repeal a law banning gay sex, effectively making homosexuality legal after decades of queer Singapore residents being forced to hide their identities. 

– Flash floods have drenched Northern India over the past three days, leaving at least 40 people dead.  Many villages have been decimated, displacing hundreds of rural families. The rains are expected to continue for several more days. 

– Meanwhile, India’s neighbor to the east is trying to scientifically modify clouds to produce rain. China says it will use chemicals to generate rain in the midst of a record-breaking drought. The country will “try to increase rain by seeding clouds with chemicals and spray crops with a water retaining agent to limit evaporation,” according to NBC News. The water wars have begun! That, or the End Times. You decide. 

– If you’re struggling this Monday morning, please know that Cher is right there with you: 


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