Ecopetrol reports that Luis Felipe Rivera has been appointed as Vice President of Science, Technology, and Innovation

Ecopetrol, the largest company in Colombia and one of the leading integrated energy companies in the American continent, has announced the appointment of Luis Felipe Rivera as the Vice President of Science, Technology, and Innovation. This strategic move is set to further enhance Ecopetrol’s position as a key player in the energy sector.

With over 20 years of professional experience across various sectors of the economy, Dr. Rivera brings a wealth of expertise in the structuring and management of ICT areas, processes, operations, information security, technological innovation, and digital transformation. His extensive knowledge and skills make him the ideal candidate to drive Ecopetrol’s scientific advancements and technological innovations.

Dr. Rivera holds a degree in Systems Engineering from Universidad Industrial de Santander, a specialization in Administration from Universidad ICESI, and is currently pursuing an MBA at Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez in Miami. His educational background, coupled with his practical experience, positions him well to lead Ecopetrol’s efforts in leveraging technology for growth and development.

Ecopetrol’s commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology is evident in its role as a major player in Colombia’s hydrocarbon production, transportation, logistics, and refining systems. The company is responsible for over 60% of the country’s hydrocarbon production and holds leading positions in the petrochemicals and gas distribution segments.

Furthermore, Ecopetrol’s recent acquisition of 51.4% of ISA’s shares has expanded its reach into energy transmission, real-time systems management (XM), and the Barranquilla – Cartagena coastal highway concession. This move demonstrates Ecopetrol’s dedication to diversifying its portfolio and expanding its presence in strategic sectors.

Internationally, Ecopetrol has established a strong foothold in strategic basins across the American continent, with drilling and exploration operations in the United States, Brazil, and Mexico. Through its subsidiaries, Ecopetrol also holds leading positions in power transmission in Brazil, Chile, Peru, and Bolivia, as well as road concessions in Chile and the telecommunications sector.

Ecopetrol’s growth prospects are promising, with a focus on capitalizing on market conditions, regulations, competition, and the performance of the Colombian economy and the industry. The company’s forward-looking approach and commitment to adaptability ensure that it remains at the forefront of the energy sector.

As Ecopetrol continues to drive innovation and technological advancements, the appointment of Luis Felipe Rivera as the Vice President of Science, Technology, and Innovation marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey. With his expertise and leadership, Ecopetrol is poised to achieve new heights in scientific research, technological innovation, and digital transformation.

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