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Cuba destination to travel recommended by The New York Times in 2023 – Prensa Latina

An aspect that the paper also highlighted is the generosity of the Cuban people and their music, which is “an omnipresent and joyful soundtrack that resounds in their cities and towns.”

The New York newspaper stated that travelers will have the chance to find “pastel facades sprayed by the sea, white sand beaches and valleys rich in tobacco.”

In addition, it highlighted the “tempting” proximity of the Caribbean country to the United States, “although it often feels out of its reach”, due to an essential element that the publication did not mention: the blockade. For more than six decades, Americans have been banned from traveling freely to the Caribbean nation due to this unilateral siege, maintained by both the Democrat and Republican administrations.

According to the newspaper, last spring “a confluence of factors” prompted the Joe Biden administration to relax the “strict rules” (243 coercive measures) adopted by his predecessor Donald Trump, which make it difficult for nationals to visit the island.

Cuba ranks 27th in the list of recommendations, which groups together large cities such as London (United Kingdom) and Madrid (Spain), but also picturesque places chosen on the basis of their enormous heritage and natural benefits.

It is not the first time that the largest island in the Antilles appears on these lists of suggestions from the Times, and in 2016 the Viñales Valley, in the western province of Pinar del Río, also ranked 10th in a report of 52 destinations for Travellers.


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