Accel Entertainment Appoints Mark Phelan as President, U.S. Gaming

Accel Entertainment, a leading distributed gaming operator in the United States, has announced the appointment of Mark Phelan as President, U.S. Gaming. This newly created position will be effective from October 6, 2023.

In his new role, Mr. Phelan will be responsible for setting and guiding Accel’s growth strategy, with a focus on expanding the company’s geographical presence and diversifying its offerings. He will continue to oversee business development and the company’s mergers and acquisitions strategy. Mr. Phelan will report directly to Accel’s President and CEO, Andy Rubenstein.

Andy Rubenstein, President and CEO of Accel Entertainment, expressed his confidence in Mr. Phelan’s leadership abilities and highlighted his significant contributions to the company’s revenue growth and expansion into new markets. Rubenstein believes that this appointment is a testament to Phelan’s expertise and looks forward to continuing their partnership in this new capacity.

Mark Phelan, who has been serving as Accel’s Chief Revenue Officer since 2017, expressed his honor in taking on this new role during an exciting time for the company. He emphasized his commitment to strategic growth initiatives and working closely with the talented team at Accel. Phelan aims to further position Accel as the premier local gaming provider in the country.

Accel Entertainment specializes in the installation, maintenance, and operation of gaming terminals, redemption devices, and other amusement devices in authorized non-casino locations. They are known for being a preferred partner for local business owners in the markets they serve.

With Mark Phelan’s appointment as President, U.S. Gaming, Accel Entertainment is poised to continue its growth trajectory and explore new opportunities in the gaming industry.

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